Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Spooky Dress Up Party! 😱😱😱

Today is Halloween which means Glen Taylor School is having a mufti day where we have to dress up as something spooky. The gold coins we give are to support Kiwi Can for their big performance at Kiwi Can Jam which is on Thursday. There were also prizes for the best dressed in the juniors, middles and seniors! Here are some photos!



Room 7

Room 9

Room 4

Getting to know my fellow classmates!

Today we had to write down 5 open ended questions that we would ask to our classmates. We then had to interview 3 people that we usually don't talk to and hopefully learn something new about them. I interviewed SaphireKelly and Laetitia who is yet to have a blog. Here is my work!


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Film Festival Comments

Another task that was given to us from Mrs Grant was to choose 6 manaiakalani schools and choose one of their films that they made last year. We then had to draft a comment on a slide made by Mrs Grant and when we were ready we then published it. Here are my comments!

Smart Surfer

With Mrs Grant our slideshow had some activities. Our activity was to first highlight the main words of the three questions below.

Next we had to fill in a table that looks like this.

Here is my completed table! Enjoy! ❤✊


At technology we had a reliever because our usual teacher was not here today. We have our technology at Tamaki College so we had to work in their Geek Cafe. We sat at tables and were given a group of papers and a pen. The papers were texts about Scandinavian and some papers had activities like Crosswords and Word Searches. It was fun but I would prefer to cook! 


Session with Mrs Grant

Today Room 11 had there session with Mrs Grant where we learnt about Searching on the Internet. We had a slideshow where we had to fill in some tasks and complete the activities. It is great having Mrs Grant in to teach us about staying safe on the internet! Here are some photos.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Today for reading we went on Dogo News. We had to write the meanings of the blue words that where highlighted. We then had to make a toggle about it. Here is my toggle shaped as a winky face with the words that were highlighted.


Today for inquiry we got into partners and learnt how to sing songs in sign language. I was with Honey and we learnt One Call Away. For inquiry this term we are focusing on The Tale of 3 Languages which is New Zealand's 3 languages. Here are some photos of our session.

Rugby Tournament

Today some Yr 7&8 students went to participate in a rugby tournament. They came out in 3rd place which the rest of the school is super proud of. Thank you to those boys who strives to achieve in what they do! Here are some photos!


Today Room 11 had Zumba because Miss Tupou thought that we were being good. Zumba is a good way to exercise and have fun together as a class. We then had to do 2 laps around the court and when we came back we played sleeping lions where everyone lay down on the floor and had a relaxing rest. Here are some photos.

Dogo News

Today for reading we were also assigned to go onto Dogo News and choose an article. We then had to fill in a Google Drawing that was made by our teacher. Take a look at the google drawing. Enjoy!

My Story Mountain

Today for reading we had to watch a short film and create a story mountain with the different parts of the film in the structure of a narrative. Here is my amazing story mountain.

The hidden cottage

Today for writing we were also given the task to write a small narrative based on the photo that was given. Here is my narrative about a hidden cottage. Below is also the image our story was based on. Enjoy!

Narrative Writing

Today for writing we were put into buddies and I was with Nia. We had to go through the structure of a narrative and match the parts of the story Little Red Riding Hood with the different parts of a narrative. Here is our work.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Let's get cooking!

For our first week back to technology we made delicious savoury rolls with crumbling puffed pastry and the melted cheese mixed together with the meat and capsicum was AMAZING. It was like a pastry party in my mouth! I can't wait to see what we make for the rest of our weeks here at technology. Here is a photo of what our savoury rolls looked like!

Session with Mrs Grant

Today Room 11 had there first session with Mrs Grant for Term 4. We had looked into the movie Inside Out and read/watched some reviews on the movie. We then were assigned to work on a slideshow about the different features of the movie. I was given sound. Here are some photos of our session today!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Before Sunrise

For reading today we were assigned to watch a video and work on the following tasks. Our video was about shadows that come alive in the night. I had a lot of fun doing this task but it was a bit tricky trying to think of different similes and metaphors. Here is the link to the video and images of my work!

VIDEO - The link to the video we watched!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Term 4... here we come!

Today is the first day back to school and I can't wait to do all the events and things that are planned for Glen Taylor school this term. We have camp, prize giving, graduation (Year 8's), Kiwi Can Jam, end of year assessments and loads more! I really enjoyed my holidays but most of the time I just stayed at home and did chores. Term 4 is going to be a massive roller coaster ride but it's going to be a term I won't forget! Here are some photos of the events we have had during Term 3!


Principals Assembly!

Pearls Performance!

ICAS Students!

Cross Country!

        Maritime Museum!

...and lots more...

Quick Write #8

Here is the quick write I did today about a warrior who goes on a mission to seek for help. The only way to get help is to take on the Forbidden Challenge! Will he succeed?! Take a look at my quick write and the image we were given.
image of the day

My name in Sign Language!

Today for inquiry we learnt how to spell our name in sign language! We were to create a poster including images of our hands spelling out our name! Here is my colourful poster! Enjoy!


For writing today we had to answer some questions that had to do with an image we were given. Here is the image and my answers to the questions.

Diorama Presenting

Today and yesterday Room 11 and Room 12 had been presenting their dioramas and we had finally got the announcement of which group came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Here are some photos of the different groups presenting their dioramas!