Saturday, 10 November 2018

Yee-Peng Lantern Festival

This term we are focusing on Celebrations for Inquiry. So Room 11 has been creating many presentations about specific celebrations in the world. For this task, we had to choose a celebration from the top 10 celebrations in the world and create a mini presentation including all the research we gathered. I chose the Yee-Peng Lantern Festival and I hope you learn as much information as I did while researching! Enjoy!

Day of the Dead!

Do you know much about Day of the Dead?!

Well, if not then take a look at this presentation I created including a lot of interesting facts about Day of the Dead! I myself learnt a lot from the researching and using that research, I created a google presentation. Enjoy!

Friday, 9 November 2018

My Vehicle Transformation

In class we were assigned a task to choose a type of vehicle and add in our very own elements to the vehicle using our creativity. I chose to do a motorbike and I added a variety of built-in objects to help it look like a more new and improved motorbike. This task was influenced by a book about a lady who goes around her town wondering about all the new things she can add on her bike to make it better. Here is my created google draw with my unique motorbike.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Healthy Choices - Damn Berry

This film is about a healthy drink named Damn Berry. It was created by my group and I. We worked together to produce the script, music, shots, props and more.

In the film there is a group of girls playing netball. They work together to get their shots in. There seems to be one girl in particular that is playing outstandingly. This is because of the help from the product Damn Berry that she has consumed. The drink helps her to keep energized and active throughout the day and gives her the strength to play the sport.

I hope you enjoy the film and get the idea of keeping yourself healthy.