Thursday, 29 June 2017

Inquiry Poster - Rodents and Streams

If you scroll downwards you will find one of my Inquiry presentations from Term 1. Well, this post is about the posters that Room 11 had created for our Inquiry. Our inquiry topic for Term 1 was Rodents and Streams. Take a look at Room 11's creative posters that we had made for Inquiry.

Room 11's Unacceptable and Acceptable Posters

In the beginning of Term 2 Room 11 had created 2 posters. One on things that are acceptable in our class and one on things that aren't acceptable in our class. We all had 2 sticky notes. We had written on each sticky note one thing that we think is acceptable and one thing that we think isn't acceptable. Take a look at the two different posters that we had created.

Room 11's Wonder Wall

This term we are focusing on "My Community" for Inquiry. Before we had started on our Inquiry presentations we had made our "Wonder Wall". A wonder wall is things that Room 11 want to know more about on our inquiry topic. We all had our own wonder bubble and wrote in a question that we wanted to know more about. Take a look at it....


Today we had our last session with our instructor Toni. Toni is our instructor for volleyball. For today's session we had competitions and played volleyball games. Everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed the music in the background. The winners of the competition and the games had got lollies from Toni. Take a look at some photos from today's session.

On the left side is a photo of the class sitting down and listening to Toni.

On the right side is a picture of Praize and Marcus passing the volleyball to there partners - Leetia and Po-Lu.

Squares Artwork

In the beginning of Term 1 my class had created these squares involving things about ourselves and we were told to add in lots of colours and pictures to explain the things about ourselves. We added in things about our culture, family, personalities and even hobbies. We then used those squares to create the number 11 because that is our class number. Take a look at the magnificent amazing colourful artwork that we had created!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

My digital footprint!

With Mrs Grant today we learned about everyone's digital footprint. This means all the things that people go on can leave a mark so it will stay on your device forever! Teachers can access your history. This is why we should always be on the right thing at the right time! 

Activity: Insert a map for your background and then take a look at your history. Insert the logos of the things you have recently been on. Scatter these images around your map! Here is my work!

Quick Write #3

If you scroll downwards you will find one of my quick writes and if you keep on scrolling downwards you will find another one of my quick writes. For this post I will again be showing you one of my quick writes. If you don't know what a quick write is just scroll down and you can find out what it is in my other quick write post. Take a look at one of my quick writes that I had written!

Digital Footprint

Today we had Mrs Grant come in and talk to us about our digital footprints. She had explained to us how everything that we do on our Chromebooks can be tracked down by the teachers. She also had a slideshow and a video for us and gave us a tasks as well. Take a look at the photos that were taken during our session with Mrs Grant!

How to create a unique password

One of our tasks from Mrs Grant was to create a comic strip on either 

  • How to create a unique password
  • Reusing Images
  • Using a Chromebook faster.

I had chosen to create my poster on "How to create a unique password". I had let my creativity flow and added in different colours that would go together well and I also added in a picture of students while they were working on their Chromebooks. Take a look at the amazing poster I had created on Google Drawing.

I am looking forward to......

Last term one of Room 11's tasks with Mrs Grant was to create a poster on what we are looking forward to doing throughout the year. I had added in pictures and colours to make my poster look AMAZING! Take a look at it.....

Alma Wordfind

If you scroll down you will find a slideshow that I had posted about Room 11 watching a short film and then filling in the slideshow that we were given. On one of the slides our tasks was to create a word find using words that link to the short film. I had created my word find on Google Drawing and I want you to take a look at it. See if you can find all the words on the list.

Room 11 singing Tutira Mai

A few weeks ago Glen Taylor School had signed up for a contest that was held by the all Blacks. Each class had made their on video of them singing the song "Tutira Mai" and while we were singing we needed to show the everyday things that we do in school. My class had gone onto the courts and showed ourselves playing sports on the courts. The winner gets to sing to the All Blacks before their 3rd game against the Lions. Take a look at the video that my class had made.


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The most popular star sign in Room 11.

For maths yesterday our tasks was to create a graph on the most popular star sign in Room 11. I had chosen to do a bar graph. Today our tasks was to transfer that graph onto a digital version. I had created mine on a website that Miss Tupou had showed us and I added in all the details and colours that my Bar Graph needed. Take a look at it. In the end I found out that Capricorn is the most popular star sign.

Monday, 26 June 2017

KiwiCan Wk 9

Today for KiwiCan we had learnt about Reliability and Integrity. Your probably wondering "What is KiwiCan?". KiwiCan is a programme where 2 teachers come into schools and teach each class about different important things that students need to do or have eg. Integrity, Reliability, Honesty and so on. We also do some fun activities and everyone has a lot of fun. Take a look at some of the photos that were taken during our session today. 

Inquiry Presentation Term 2

In the past I had posted about my Inquiry Presentation from last term. You can always scroll downwards to find out more about that presentation. This time I will be posting about my presentation from this term so if you are interested in that keep on reading. Well, this term we are focusing on My Part in the Community and I am researching about "How I can help other schools in Auckland receive a Breakfast Club". Your probably wondering what is a Breakfast Club?.... 

Click on this link to take your screen to the KickStart Breakfast Club website.
KickStart Breakfast Website

Not only did I just research on but I also went to Glen Innes Primary and interviewed a breakfast Club helper and also some students. Take a look at my engaging marvellous presentation for my Inquiry project!!!

My Character

For writing yesterday and today we had made our very own character describing 10 things about them. When we described them we had to add in a simile or metaphor. We then were told to either get a photo of our character or create our own on Google Drawing. This character is the character that we are going to put in our narrative this term. Take a look at my amazing character I had created.

Quick Write #2

If you scroll downwards you will find one of my Quick Writes. I was really proud of my Quick Write I did this morning so I want to share it with you guys. The picture was an image of an island and with a small hut on a patch of grass. The title of the image was Isolation. Take a look at it.

The Coin Trail

A few weeks ago the Friends of the School had made an event called The Coin Trail. This Coin Trail is still going on. Your probably thinking "What is a Coin Trail?!" . Well a Coin Trail is a contest between each class. We all start of with an empty container and our room number written on the side of it. Our target is to try and get the heaviest container, most amount and the longest distance when the friends of the school pour all the coins out and put them into one long line. The Coin Trail ends on Friday so each class has been working really hard to try and get there containers as fill as possible. My class is currently in 2nd place just behind Room 12. Here is some picture of my class jar filled with loads of coins and covered with mounds of decorative stickers.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Assembly Wk 8 Term 2

Today in assembly Room 10 had performed there dance that they made to the song Wairua. They also shared some of the learning they had done in class. Not only that but some people from the The Weber Bro's Circus had came to Glen Taylor School and showed us some of there awesome tricks and made us all laugh. Take a look at some of the events and pictures that were taken during the assembly.

On the right is a photo of Room 10 during their assembly.

On the left is a photo of the lady from the circus that was hosting their show.

Maui and the Boat

A few weeks ago for homework one of my tasks was to find a Maori Myth and write about it. I wrote about Maui and the Boat and I had also added in a picture. Take a look at my homework tasks about Maui and the Boat.

The Salvation Army

For homework this term, one of our tasks were to choose a non-profit group and create a poster about them. I chose The Salvation Army and created my poster on Google drawing. I had added in the main colours of The Salvation Army and used my creativity to make it look fantastic. Take a look at it for yourself.

Quick Write

In class every morning we do Quick Write. Quick Write is when our teacher puts an image on the TV and we right 3-4 sentences about it. After we finish Quick Write about 3-4 people share there magnificent piece. Quick Write is a good way to start the day because it can calm the students and get them back into learning mode after being outside in the morning. Take a look at some of my Quick Write pieces.

My Role Model #2

If you scroll down you will find a post about My Role Model. That post was for my homework but this post was a task we were assigned to do for Writing. This post is also about My Role Model. I had chosen my mum and dad because they have always been there for me since I was a baby and they have provided me the needed necessities in life and also there LOVE! Take a look at my piece of writing about My Role Model.


A few weeks ago for Homework one of our tasks was to create a poster and add in 5-6 different whakatauki's. A whakatauki is a Maori proverb. Take a look at the Google Drawing I had created of some Whakatauki's I had found. 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

My Local Mayor

In week 4 our Homework tasks was to think of 5 different questions that we would like to ask our local mayor. My local Mayor is Phil Goff. I created a poster on Google Drawing and I added in photos and a small text about Phil Goff. Take a look at the images and beautiful colours I had added into my poster.

Member of Parliament

For homework this term the Kiwi Kids topic is My Community. A few weeks ago one of our tasks were to create a Vote for me poster with our own design on Google Drawing. The Vote for me poster is for my local Member of Parliament. I had added in pictures and a text about Simon O'Connor
( My local Member of Parliament) Take a look at the poster I created.

Descriptive Writing

Today for writing my class was focusing on how to practise our descriptive writing skills to create effective settings. We had looked at a picture and wrote 4-6 sentences about the picture. We were told to include a simile or a metaphor in our short paragraph. We also needed to use descriptive words to attract the reader and take them to the picture of the place. Take a look at my piece of writing that I had written and a picture of me when I was writing.

Class Photos

A few weeks ago all of the classes had there class photo. We first needed to get into a line from shortest to tallest. Once we were in our lines the photographer had gotten us into places to sit or stand and ......FLASH! The light of the camera was very bright and everyone's smiles glowed with joy. Take a look at my class photo that is just down below.

The Girl and the Fox

Last term for writing my class had watched a small film about a girl and a fox. Our tasks was to write a small rich short narrative about 3-4 of the scenes in the film. Take a look at my narrative I wrote about the film.

Revolting Recipe

This term for writing we had focused on Procedure's. A procedure is a type of writing that explains to people how to do something. In class we had looked at a example of a procedure. We didn't look at just any procedure. We looked at a Revolting Recipe. A recipe that can gross out your taste buds. The name of the recipe was Slimy Soup. After looking at the Slimy Soup recipe we had made our own slimy soup recipe. We added in our own revolting recipes and our materials as well. Take a look at my Revolting Recipe I had written.

On the left side are the ingredients and the materials and how many people the recipe feeds.

On the right side is the actual method on how to cook the recipe.

Fair Go

On Monday you might of seen our Kapa Haka group on Fair Go. If not you can by clicking this link to the Fair Go website. Fair Go The reason why Glen Taylor School was on Fair Go is because our principal had emailed a lady to design the Kapa Haka groups new uniforms and we would pay her for designing them. Mr Herlihy (our school principal) had payed her the cash and yet we still haven't got the uniforms. She said that they would be here around December 2016- January 2017. Once the Fair Go episode uploaded our principal had gotten a lot of emails\text messages from people saying that they want to donate some cash to our school. Luckily a man in South Auckland was kind enough to design Kapa Haka uniforms for Glen Taylor School. What's so good about this is that he was that kind he said he'll design them for free. Fair Go had came in today to record the schools reaction of how happy we are to receive these amazing new uniforms. Some pictures were taken during the session with the Fair Go crew.  There are also pictures of the Kapa Haka group when they had gone down to South Auckland to see how there uniforms are made.

NZ Police Dog Visit

A few weeks ago the NZ Police Dogs and some officers had visited Glen Taylor School to show us about what the police dogs can do and all there tricks. They also gave us a lot of facts about the dogs and all the other dogs around New Zealand. We also saw how the dogs can track down criminals with their noses. We also had the chance of asking some questions about the police and the police dogs. Not just that but we got to pat the dog on the back. Photos were taken during the session and are just down below. Take a look at them!